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Autumn Birthday Revival Tryouts banner.png


Start: July 9, 2021 20:00 PDT

Ends: July 29, 2021 23:59 PDT


  • This tryout uses Autumn Birthday Revival Token
    • Unused Token will be removed once the tryout ends.
  • You can only choose one card as you can only obtain one Autumn Birthday Revival Token
    • Once a card is chosen the tryout will be removed from the Tryouts tab.
    • A chosen card will be unavailable in future Birthday Revival Tryouts
  • Azami Izumida is not included in this tryout, because the cards in this tryout are from 2020.

Cards to obtain

Banri Settsu SSR 【Mankai Birthday】
Juza Hyodo SSR 【Mankai Birthday】
Taichi Nanao SSR 【Mankai Birthday】
Omi Fushimi SSR 【Mankai Birthday】
【Mankai Birthday】 【Mankai Birthday】 【Mankai Birthday】 【Mankai Birthday】

Sakyo Furuichi SSR 【Mankai Birthday】
Mr. Triangle SSR 【Holy】
【Mankai Birthday】 【Holy】