An artistic and strange poet actor.

Arisugawa Homare
(有栖川誉) is a member of the Winter Troupe and a passionate poet. He is always searching for new and interesting forms of art and quickly joined the Mankai Company for the artistic value of acting that inspired his poetic heart. Homare is often seen as a strange fellow for his sudden outbursts of poetry most people do not understand.

Appearance Edit

Homare Casual Chibi 2

Homare is an adult man in his twenties with red eyes. His hair has a dark magenta color and is cut in different length. Homare also is a man with a classy yet unique style and prefers to wear suits and ties rather than casual and modern clothes. Usually he wears a black and white patterned tweed shirt with a black tie and a mustard yellow waistcoat. In combination with a pair of dark blue jeans, brown leather shoes and socks in the same mustard yellow color. He wears a grey coat on top to finish his look.

Personality Edit

Eccentric is the word that comes to mind in regards to Homare. Often his behavior would be considered strange, as he likes to recite the weirdest poems that he wrote in a passionate fashion whenever he gets inspired. His aesthetic sense is definitely not an ordinary one. However, even though his passion for art can be so extreme, it becomes almost embarrassing to witness. He is good at taking care of those around him as shown when Homare often makes sure Hisoka doesn't catch a cold while he suddenly falls asleep. Having an unusual personalty himself ,he is very open to others and doesn't judge other peoples quirks as negative.

History Edit

Arisugawa Homare was a surprisingly successful poet before and after he became and actor for the Mankai Company, even having some of his poems published as a renowned poet. He joined the ensemble after he watched a street performance by the Winter Troupe and got invited to participate by Tachibana Izumi.

Link Skill Edit

Link SkillCharactersEffect
Revived Winter TroupeHomareSSRIconHisokaSSRIconAzumaSSRIconTsumugiSSRIconTasukuSSRIconBig Sr Boost
Trouble MakersHomareSSRIconCitronSSRIconMisumiSSRIconCo Boost
Literature Club AssociationHomareSSRIconTsuzuruSSRIconCo Boost
Caviar HaterHomareSSRIconItaruSSRIconCo Boost
Artistic NatureHomareSSRIconKazunariSSRIconCo Boost

Quotes Edit

Normal Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Director-kun, what do you think about Shakespeare?"
  • "Did my art deeply move you?"
  • "You, about me...! *clears throat* No. It's too early to say it."
  • "Whew. Everyone's stupidity, it's troubling. But, that's what I love about them."
  • "Ah~~ Art.... Calm down...."
  • "God seems to have given flaws to being human... Let's make that this month's theme."
  • "No~w, time to play with Hisoka-kun!♪"
  • "That finger you touched me with... In 10 years, it will be worth 100 million yen."
  • "Hm? What do you want me to do?"
  • "You are really lucky. Because you were born in the world at this time, you can listen to my masterpieces."

Special Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "It is Valentine’s today.I shall present Director-kun with overflowing roses and my love…" Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "I’ve prepared a poem as a return gift. You must be really blessed to be able to receive my love for 2 months consecutively." White Day Dialogue
  • "The truth is, I have Shakespeare’s DNA flowing in me. How’s that? Were you convinced?" April Fool's Dialogue
  • "I wrote a birthday poem for that took me all night. This will increase it's value...."
  • "A genius came out of nowhere on this day... It should become a national holiday."
  • "Let's give Tasuku-kun a gift that makes the wrinkles between his brows disappear."
  • "Congratulations Sakuya-kun. Stay forever as bright and refreshing as the spring."
  • "Today is Masumi-kun’s birthday you say? Hmm. For the time being, I shall prepare Director-kun for him."
  • "I gave Tsuzuru-kun a fountain pen to write with as present. My words of thanks ingraved into it."

Trivia Edit

Homare sig
  • Homare is good at tongue twisters.
  • He likes carrots the most and hates the taste of caviar.
  • In Sympathy for the Angel he played the role of "Metatron".
Homare Doodle
  • Kazunari calls him "Aririn".
  • He shares his room with Hisoka.

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