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Anniversary Events are special events that celebrates the anniversaries of the game. Every Anniversary Event is different, including the Ranking Prizes and Event Prizes. Earn Event Pts from doing Shows to get prizes, the more you get the better the prizes are.

There are no limited cards to be gained from event prizes or rankings, but you can earn Revival Tokens SSR revival token.pngSR revival token.pngR revival token.png and other great rewards. Anniversary Events use Anniversary items as well, and use them to get lots of limited time badges!

They will have a paired Anniversary Tryout and a Revival Token Tryout along with it.

How to Participate

Events are accessible through the Event button on the Play tab, or directly through the main page slider. If there is currently not an event ongoing, then the button will be grey and you will not be allowed to click on the page.


  • Play the Event Practice like you would normally do. However, Shows will randomly pop up during your practice. Complete the performances successfully to gain Event Points or Event Items.
  • Collect a certain amount of Event Points to unlock amazing rewards.
  • Rank in the leaderboards to get even more rewards and more limited items. Your rank tier is based by percentage of the number of active participants in the event.


Events usually start at October 15, 19:00 PST/PDT or After Maintenance (around 8-9 PM) and last 10 days, including the starting day and end at October 25 23:59 PST/PDT. October is the anniversary month for the EN server.

After Events finish, the Event Programs will only be available from the Main tab. You will not be able to further play the event and get points for it, but may look at the Cheer Station, your final ranking, etc. The main Practice will disappear after the event has ended and you will no longer be able to play it.

As always, you will still be able to read Event Chapters after the Event has finished.

Special Cards

Some Cards will offer boosts during Shows. Using them in your Show team or having them as a Guest Actor will give an advantage. These bonuses will not occur when Special Actors are used as Support Roles (where members are selected automatically).

  • Limited-time SR cards offered in the paired Anniversary Tryouts will give bonuses, shown with a Boost Icon.png icon.
  • SSR Birthday Cards from the Premium Tryouts of that month will also give bonuses, displayed with a Small Bonus Icon.png icon.

Positive effects include:

  1. Event Performance Boost - Special Actors will provide stat boosts for Co, Ac, and Dr during the event period. Stats will be boosted depending on a) how many Special Actors you have on your Team and b) how many times they have been bloomed.
  2. Increased Event Points - Clearing an Event Show with a Special Actor will result in an increase in rewarded Event Items. Event Points earned will also go up depending on a) how many Special Actors you have on your Team and b) how many times they have been bloomed.
Rarity Unbloomed Bloomed + Bloomed ++
Bonus Event Points
SR Boost Icon.png 75 Pts 175 Pts 275 Pts
SR Small Bonus Icon.png 50 Pts 175 Pts 325 Pts
SSR Small Bonus Icon.png 100 Pts 225 Pts 375 Pts
Stat Boost
SR Boost Icon.png 2x 2.5x 3x
SSR Small Bonus Icon.png 1.1x 1.2x 1.3x

Practice and Shows

  • Use LP to play practices. Bento Bentou.png and Onigiri Onigiri.png will refill them.
  • When a Show pops up, meet the amount of Points required. Spend SP to play a show. Kame Boxes Kameman Box.png and Kame Buns Kameman.png will replenish it.
  • If you cancel a Show, the required points will go down. Show Points correspond with the number of Event Points you earn.
  • Shows rotate in Matinees, Soirees, and Finales. Sometimes after those, there is a random chance of an Encore appearing. Encores require much more points.
  • Use Cheer Boosts with extra SP to multiply your points. If you fail to meet the Pt requirement of the Show, you have another chance to successfully meet it.
  • Don't cancel an Encore unless you run out of time because they are a good chance to get a lot of Event Pts at once.

Daily Practice

Each day will have a limited time Daily Practice. It will feature a pair of actors with a fully voiced Mini Chat when you collect enough Flair.png Flair! All times will be in PDT.
All missions will be the same for each Practice.
Mission.png Actors Rush Mission: Set off Actor's Rush during Practice.
Mission.png Multigroup Mission: Clear a Practice using 1 Actor from each troupe.
Mission.png Multi Clear Mission: Do Daily Practice 3 times.

1st Anniversary Event Time Period
Available period Actor Pair
Day 1 00:00 - 23:59 Sakuya & Citron
Day 2 00:00 - 23:59 Masumi & Tsuzuru
Day 3 00:00 - 23:59 Tenma & Yuki
Day 4 00:00 - 23:59 Muku & Kazunari
Day 5 00:00 - 23:59 Banri & Juza
Day 6 00:00 - 23:59 Taichi & Omi
Day 7 00:00 - 23:59 Tsumugi & Tasuku
Day 8 00:00 - 23:59 Hisoka & Homare
Day 9 00:00 - 23:59 Itaru & Misumi
Day 10 00:00 - 23:59 Sakyo & Azuma

Voice Lines

These lines can be heard when viewing the Home page.

1st Anniversary
Character Line Audio
Sakuya This past year with you has been so fun!

I'm looking forward to working with you this year too!

 Info icon.png
Masumi We've been going out for a whole year.

Think we should start planning our wedding?

 Info icon.png
Tsuzuru I would't have made it this far without your support this year.

Thanks so much.

 Info icon.png
Itaru Never would've believed it if you said we'd still be here after a year.

We're all counting on you.

 Info icon.png
Citron Wow! Our anniversary! But every day in

the Mankai Company is a joyous one indeed!

 Info icon.png
Tenma A year ago, the stage seemed so scary...but I'm able

to enjoy it now thanks to you.

 Info icon.png
Yuki Congrats on our 1st year. I can do better as

an actor and costumer, so I'm counting on you for help.

 Info icon.png
Muku it's been a year since we met. I'll do my

best to put on great performances with you!

 Info icon.png
Misumi Here’s a Happy Anniversary Mr. Triangle!

I got it just for you!

 Info icon.png
Kazunari Happy Anniversary, fam! It’s been wil!

Looking forward to more sweet days with all of y’all!

 Info icon.png
Banri Wow, this year passed by real quick.

Don't worry. I ain't goin' anywhere for a while.

 Info icon.png
Juza It’s been a year. I only got this far thanks to you.

I’ll be forever grateful.

 Info icon.png
Taichi We've already been together for a year!

Seriously, every day in this company is a blast!

 Info icon.png
Omi Thanks for this past year. Don't work

too hard. I'll be waiting with good food like always.

 Info icon.png
Sakyo A year ago I would've thought I'd be

spending my days like this. Looking forward to more.

 Info icon.png
Tsumugi A year already...time flies. I'm

truly happy that I'm able to be on stage again.

 Info icon.png
Tasuku This year passed by quick. As

thanks for taking me in, I'll continue performming the best I can.

 Info icon.png
Hisoka It's been a year since I met you,

Although it's been noisy, it's also been...fun.

 Info icon.png
Homare I wrote a song to commemorate our

anniversary! Don't worry. I've divided the parts, too.

 Info icon.png
Azuma I treasure all the bonds I've made

with you and everyone this year. Let's make more memories together.

 Info icon.png
Isuke Happy anniversary! I was worried

for a bit, but thanks to you everything worked out!

 Info icon.png
Sakoda Happy anniversary! I'm gonna be a

fan of the bossy fer the next year and all the years to come!

 Info icon.png
Tetsuro ...Congrats on our first year.  Info icon.png
Iku It's been a full year! Let's keep

giving it our all!

no audio
Arata Congrats on our first year!

I'm cheering for all of us to succeed!

no audio
Eiji Congrats! It's our first full

year! Let's party!

no audio
Miki Congrats on your first year.

And thanks for coming to see me on such an important day!♪

no audio
Akito An occasssion like this needs

some upbeat rock music for a proper celebration.

no audio
Takuya One year is a huge milestone!


no audio
Ichiro Grats on the first year!

I'm rooting for you guys!

no audio
Kengo It's been a year, huh?

Should I get us some cake?

no audio
Julian Your fortune for this next

year of Mankai Compay is... Great luck!

no audio
Yuichi My fortune-telling shows me

a good next year is in store for you.

no audio
Tsubasa It's already our first anniversary

...congrats. I'm really lucky to have met you.

no audio
Keita I brought some drinks for the occassion

but don't go too crazy with the celebrations.

no audio

Past Anniversary Events

3 Cheers for Mankai Company event banner.png
3 Cheers for Mankai Company!
October 15 - October 25 2020