A3! Season Spring & Summer[edit | edit source]

Episode: Synopsis:
#1 - To a Future in Full Bloom  Tachibana Izumi receives a letter to visit “MANKAI Company” on Veludo Way. It was a theater troupe that was directed by her father that fell apart and out of business for eight years, and was now in debt. There was only one member, Sakuma Sakuya. When she saw that the theater was about to be demolished by Furuichi Sakyo because they couldn't repay the debt. In a last-ditch effort, Izumi promised to bring two more members to Sakyo by sunset. The three, including Sakuya and the manager, Matsukawa Isuke, ran around Veludo Way in search of new members.
#2 - Romeo and Julius Izumi became the director to rebuild Mankai Company. Usui Masumi and Minagi Tsuzuru joined the troupe, making it three, but was a long way from the four sub-troupes-- Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter that performed year-round. First, in order to form the "Spring Troupe", they needed to find two other members. As a practice exercise, they decided to attract attention by doing a street act on Veludo Way. Their awkward performance stood out like a sore thumb as they wanted, but not in a good way. Meanwhile, a foreigner stops.
#3 - Good Night, Theater Citron and Chigasaki Itaru have joined, and the script written by Tsuzuru who is an aspiring playwright has been completed. The revived Spring Troupe started earnestly to keep the promise they had with Sakyo to "pull off a successful performance within the next month and have a full house on closing night." However, Sakuya kept making mistakes no matter how many times he read the script, and Itaru has a lack of motivation. Masumi and his sharp tongue created a tense mood, and it was a difficult start. This is the dark side of Mankai Company...
#4 - A New Challenge Iwai Tetsuro, a carpenter who had been in charge of play backgrounds and larger props since the original troupe's days, and Rurikawa Yuki, a clothes and costume designer/maker, had joined, and Mankai is finally starting to become like a real theater company. Meanwhile, Itaru, who wasn't into theater and saw the difference between him and the others on the stage and felt bad seeing them try so hard when he was half-assing his acting. That was also pointed out by Kashima Yuzo of the former Spring Troupe... The members are now in a state of turmoil by Itaru's proposal to leave. Sakuya, Tsuzuru, and Citron try to come up with a solution to stop him.
#5 - On Love - Spring Edition Five people once again reunited their feelings toward the performance. With the advice of Yuzo, Sakuya and Masumi's sword fighting, in the play Romeo and Julius was coming together. Meanwhile, the official website of the old-fashioned troupe and flyer design that Matsukawa was in charge of was redesigned by Tsuzuru's former high school senior Miyoshi Kazunari. Word of the revived Spring Troupe spread little by little. However, Izumi felt troubled by one line said by Masumi in the play. That was the wall that Masumi had to overcome as an actor.
#6 - The Show Must Go On! The revived Spring Troupe finally reached opening day of the show. Sakuya, who plays Romeo improved a lot to put on a successful performance, Masumi, who plays Julius gradually learned the joy of acting. Playing the role of Mercutio, Tsuzuru entrusted the script to his dream of being a screenwriter, Itaru, who believed in others once more and wanted to try again, played the role of Tybalt, and Citron, who plays the role of Friar Laurence, has always valued the theater company like a family. In order to fulfill the promise to Sakyo with a "full house on closing night", the curtain of the stage will now rise with each feeling in mind.
#7 - A New Season Izumi and the five members of the Spring Troupe who had a good time after making it through closing night with great success decided to open auditions for the revived Summer Troupe immediately. Two people, Tsuzuru's senpai Kazunari and Yuki, who was in charge of costumes, participated in the audition. In addition, there was the appearance of Sakisaka Muku, a classmate of Yuki, and Sumeragi Tenma, a talented actor for some reason. Despite the fact that Yuki and Tenma didn't get along with each other right off the bat, the Summer Troupe had four members on the first day, all with promising talent. However, the dormitory they lived in had a disturbing atmosphere...
#8 - The Thousand and One Nights The Summer Troupe started off with the addition of Ikaruga Misumi, who had settled in the theater dormitory, and prepared for the performance three months later. By doing an etude in the first lesson, it was obvious there was a large gap in skill between the experienced actor Tenma and the other four amateurs. They decided to play the same comedy-drama as the former Summer Troupe. Tsuzuru would continue to be in charge of scriptwriting, but all five of them wanted in on a lead role. However, with the theme of Arabian Nights in mind, Tsuzuru solved the problem where all the members could play the main role.
#9 - Summer Camp The Summer Troupe decided to hold a training camp to practice and get to know each other better. After restraining Masumi, who said 'I will go with Izumi!', the five people arrived at the training camp on the outskirts of the city and immediately started practicing. Tenma was motivated to being a better leader but had a bad start by pointing out their faults when practicing. The four of them were repelled and depressed, but they had a bit of fun practicing since it was like a school trip. However, when they were making dinner, a series of events caused Tenma to nitpick again, causing the mood to go sour, and things were back to where they began, if not worse. 
#10 - True Friends The Summer Troupe had become more as a whole after the camp. However, Yuzo, the former member of the Spring Troupe who came to see their acting, said that they were a long way from perfect. Izumi shows them a video on a single 8mm tape. It was a recording of the stage of the old Summer Troupe. Inspired by their performance, the five people had a new enthusiasm in the spur of the moment to put on an enjoyable show. However, Tenma, who was expected to attract the most people, says not to show his name and photo on the Mankai official website.
#11 - My Weakness Tenma wanted to be on the stage even after refusing the movie offer. He realized now that joining the theater troupe was much more than just expanding his acting repertoire. Understanding the mutual feelings of Tenma, the five people share their hearts and vow to succeed and stand on the stage together, no matter what.
#12 - Summertime Survival! The first day of the Summer Troupe performance. With various feelings, it was also the day of the new departure of the five youths who realized their dreams of being on the stage.
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