Anime/Episode 2 - Romeo and Julius


Romeo and Julius (ロミオとジュリアス Romeo to Julius) is the second episode of the Anime. It aired January 21, 2020 (JST).


Izumi Tachibana became the director to rebuild Mankai Company. Fortunately, Masumi Usui and Tsuzuru Minagi were scouted and joined the troupe, making it three, but it was a long way from the previous four troupes Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter that performed year-round during Mankai's golden age. They still needed to find two other members to form the completed Spring Troupe. As a practice exercise and a way to draw attention, the members did a street act on Veludo Way. Their awkward performance stood out like they wanted, but not in a good way. Meanwhile, a foreigner stopped to watch their show and wanted to join, and Izumi also managed to convince a salaryman to join with their free housing as the deciding factor.


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Characters in Order of Appearance

Tsuzuru MinagiIsuke MatsukawaIzumi TachibanaMasumi UsuiSakuya SakumaCitronItaru Chigasaki


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