To a Future in Full Bloom (満開の未来へ Mankai no Mirai e) is the first episodes of the Anime. It aired Jan 14, 2020 (JST).


Izumi Tachibana receives a letter to visit “Mankai Company” on Veludo Way, a theater troupe that was directed by her father. However, it fell apart and was out of business for eight years, now deep in debt. There was only one member, Sakuya Sakuma. The theater was about to be demolished by Sakyo Furuichi because they couldn't repay the debt. In a last-ditch effort, Izumi promised to bring two more members to Sakyo by sunset. The three, including Sakuya and the manager, Isuke Matsukawa, frantically ran around Veludo Way in search of new members.


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