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...This dream makes my head hurt.

Alex in Wonderland is the Spring Troupe's second play and was first released on March 24th on the Japanese server under the name Boy Alice in Wonderland. It was released on December 5, 2019 on the English server as the first event.

As its name suggests, it is an adaptation of the original Alice in Wonderland, however, Alice is a boy here. This time the spotlight was set on Masumi Usui, who played the leading role as Alex and Itaru Chigasaki as the second lead and double staffing, Alex’s university professor and the Mad Hatter.


Alex blows off an invitation from a college friend, saying it's just a waste of time. "You're a smart guy... your problem is you're just too uptight. Have a sip of this, it might help you loosen up a bit...!" Alex is dubious but drinks the offered tea. Immediately overcome, Alex slips into slumber and wakes under the thoughts of a huge tree...

Masumi Usui as Alex
A gifted college student, but stubborn to a fault.
Masumi Usui N 【Alex in Wonderland】
Masumi Usui SSR 【Alex in Dreamland】
Masumi Usui SR 【Blooming Trail】
Masumi Alex in Wonderland chibi.pngMasumi Alex in Dreamland chibi.png Masumi Alex in Wonderland fullbody.png
Itaru Chigasaki as Professor and The Mad Hatter
Alex's college professor/A denizen of Wonderland.
Itaru Chigasaki N 【Alex in Wonderland】
Itaru Chigasaki SR 【Blooming Trail】
Itaru Chigasaki SSR 【Door to Wonderland】
Itaru Alex in Wonderland chibi.png Itaru Alex in Wonderland fullbody.pngItaru Professor full body.png
Citron as The King of Hearts
The terrifying king of Wonderland.
Citron N 【Alex in Wonderland】
Citron SR 【Kneel Before Me!】
Citron Alex in Wonderland chibi.png Citron Alex in Wonderland fullbody.png
Sakuya Sakuma as Cheshire Cat
A denizen of Wonderland with a penchant for midday naps.
Sakuya Sakuma N 【Alex in Wonderland】
Sakuya Sakuma SR 【Mischievous Cat】
Sakuya Alex in Wonderland chibi.png Sakuya Alex in Wonderland fullbody.png
Tsuzuru Minagi as White Rabbit
A busy, perpetually harried denizen of Wonderland.
Tsuzuru Minagi R 【Alex in Wonderland】
Tsuzuru Alex in Wonderland chibi.png Tsuzuru Alex in Wonderland fullbody.png
Guest actor as The Trump-Commander Ace
A denizen of Wonderland with a talent for sucking up.


Taichi doodle
This performance has been translated by Ghoul Zero.
Alex in Wonderland Performance
Alex: Mm...
The professor already left?
White Rabbit: Oh dear, I'm running late!
I must hurry.
Alex: Dressing up? I think you have the wrong place.
This is a school, not an amusement park.
White Rabbit: Aren't you the one dressing up as a university student?
You certainly don't look like one to me!
In any case, you're in my way! You're sitting in the middle of the road.
Alex: There aren't any roads over huge roots like these.
Cut it out with the false statements!
White Rabbit: Seriously, I'll do anything.
Just get those long legs of yours out of the way!
I'm really going to be late at this rate!
After falling through a hole, Alex finds himself to be in a very strange place.
Alex: Logically, none of this can be real.
Therefore, this must all be a dream!
White Rabbit: Hey, you!
Are you really just going to sit around like that?
Sheesh, I'm really in for it now. I have to hurry.
I'm leaving before you become even more burdensome.
Ah, I'm late, I'm late!
Alice parts from the White Rabbit. The Cheshire Cat soon emerges, approaching Alex as the boy waits to awaken from his dream.
Cheshire Cat: Hey, that's my favorite nap spot.
Alex: Catboys after rabbit boys, is it?
This dream is making my head hurt...
Cheshire Cat: You're much more imaginary than I could ever be.
If you really want to wake up,
You should go to the Hatter's tea party!
You’ll definitely wake up if you attend!
As instructed by the Cheshire Cat, Alex makes his way to the Mad Hatter's tea party. However, the forest seems to only spread out before him. unwilling to allow Alex to reach his destination. Finally, Alex comes across the tea party, where the Mad Hatter looks almost identical to his professor.
Alex: Professor?! What are you doing here?!
Mad Hatter:

Professor? I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about.

Alex: Whatever. I just want to use your tea to wake up.
Mad Hatter: Did any of you know about this?
Apparently my tea can wake people up.
Never heard that one before.
Right, everyone?
Alex: I've been the only one here for some time.
Who are you even talking to?
Mad Hatter: Nobody's here? Is that so?
I'm pretty sure I invited
the March Hare and the others...
Alex: If you've got eyes, it's pretty obvious.
Look around. It's just you and me.
Alex: Hm... if you've got eyes, you say. Here's a thought.
What if not everything you see is real?
Alex: Ah, my head is hurting again!
Mad Hatter: I've got it!
You should go see the King of Hearts.
You'll definitely awaken if you do that.
The Mad Hatter instructs Alex to seek out the King of Hearts if he is to wake. Alex heads to the castle.
King of Hearts: Who planted white roses here?!
Off with their head!
Card: Eeeeeee!!
Alex: Are you the King of Hearts?
King of Hearts: Indeed I am.
Alex: My name is Alex. I actually need to ask you something--
King of Hearts: I see... Alex, you say?
I challenge you to a game of croquet!
Alex: But why? My head is hurting again...
Upon arriving at the castle, Alex greets the King of Hearts and is compelled to participate in a game of croquet with the king. However, this is no ordinary game of croquet, but rather crueler. The king's version is played with a flamingo for a mallet and a curled-up hedgehog for a ball!
King of Hearts: Not bad, I suppose!
Ace: Excellent play, your Majesty! Truly magnificent!
King of Hearts: You're up next, Alex.
Alex: So I have to use this flamingo to hit a hedgehog…?
I could never play such a barbaric game.
King of Hearts: So you refuse to play croquet with me?
Then off with your head!
Alex: What?
King of Hearts: Off with his head!
Alex: I don’t understand, I just-
King of Hearts: Off with his head!
Ace: It’s the king’s orders! Now, catch him!
Alex: Why me?!
Cards: Orders from the King! Seize him!
Alex: Why me?
I don't want to die!
This isn't any fair!
Unexpetedly, the professor is waiting when Alex finally wakes up under the large tree. The sun is beginning to set.
Professor: Morning, Alex. How are you feeling?
Alex: Terrible.
Like I wasted a ton of time.
Professor: That is precisely the answer!
I've been watching you.
What was invisible to you was the treasure of time.
Your moratorium only lasts for now.
You should enjoy it while you can.
Alex: I’ll take that into consideration.
Professor: Oh? You’re being quite agreeable today.
Alex: Let's just say I'm sick and tired of tea.