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Akito Taninaga (谷永 彰人) is a Summer Troupe extra.


Akito is a young man with shoulder-length brown hair that is worn in a ponytail and magenta eyes.


Akito is a very straight-forward guy who has a deep passion for rock.


Akito is a musician who loves rock. He has no acting experience but was brought in by the manager, after sharing his struggles with lyric writing him, in a music shop. Matsukawa told him that acting might solve his problem, and so he ended up joining Mankai.

After joining the troupe, he got many ideas for songs with different taste than before.


  • The name Akito means "patent, clear" (彰) (aki) and "person" (人) (to).
  • Akito's surname Taninaga means "valley" (谷) (tani) and "eternal" (永) (naga).

Akito Taninaga Summer Troupe Ensemble Cast full body
Akito Taninaga Backup Dancers! full body
Akito Taninaga Summer Troupe Ensemble Cast chibi
Akito Taninaga Backup Dancers! chibi

Normal Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Morning Nothing like the strum of an electric guitar in the morning. File:Akito morning line.ogg Info icon.png
Noon If we put some cymbal here...huh?! Oh, it's you. Don't interrupt me when I'm composing. File:Akito noon line.ogg Info icon.png
Evening I'm heading to a concert now. Wanna come? File:Akito evening line.ogg Info icon.png
Night Tonight was so rad...This is why I love rock. File:Akito night line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular ♪~♪~~~ File:Akito regular1 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Rock is life. File:Akito regular2 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Think I'm starting to see the appeal of acting. File:Akito regular3 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular You should come my next concert. File:Akito regular4 line.ogg Info icon.png

Special Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Player's Birthday Happy Birthday! How about a song for a present...no?  Info icon.png
Akito's Birthday Why was I born on the ninth of June? File:Akito's birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
1st Anniversary An occasssion like this needs some upbeat rock music for a proper celebration.
2nd Anniversary You're amazing. You got us through our 2nd year, so there'll be no problems with the next one.

Practice Quotes

This character's so metal.
Should do this like I'm playing my guitar...
So you can laugh this way, too...
I really appreciate the people who work behind the scenes both in acting and music.
Today's practice was rockin'.

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