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Usui Masumi R 【Romeo & Julius】Backstage Story

Part 1
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Izumi Thank you very much! Please support us in the next performance too!

With this, today's portion is over. Good thing a lot of people took them.

Taichi ♪ ~ ♪ ~
Izumi Hmm? That red hair --
Taichi Ah, Director-sensei!
Izumi As I thought, it's Taichi-kun. Welcome back. Going back from school?
Taichi Hehe, I'm back! Director-sensei, are you handing out flyers?
Izumi Yes. Although it's just a few more and I'm finished.

You can expect our next performance.

Taichi Oh~! With this, there should be a lot of people coming to watch! Good work, Director-sensei!
Izumi Thank you. If it's okay, let's go back to the dorm toge--
Taichi Huh? What's going on at the station? It's so noisy
Izumi That's true... I wonder what it is. Did a celebrity come?
Taichi Celebrity!? For real! Idol, perhaps!? I'm going to go see them a bit!
Izumi Wait, Taichi-kun--
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Highschool Girl 1 Kyaa! Seriously, even today he's so cool~
Highschool Girl 2 Even his face from the side is also cool. Not just cool, really beautiful!
Highschool Girl 3 Should we call him?
Highschool Girl 1 Eh, impossible! He's too cool my voice won't come out!
Izumi What a popularity... I wonder what kind of person he is.
Masumi ...
Izumi Huh, Masumi-kun!?
Taichi Eh?! It's not a famous celebrity! It's Masumi-kun! Amazing!
Highschool Girl 4 Ah, that person there, isn't that Hanasaki Academy's Usui-kun?
Highschool Girl 5 It really is~! So handsome~! I wish I went to Hanasaki Academy too.
Izumi Even the students from another school know his name too...
Highschool Girl 1 Ah, he's leaving!
Highschool Girl 3 Masumi-kun! See you tomorrow!
Masumi ...
Taichi They even cheer!? As expected, handsome people sure has it different.
Izumi I knew that he's popular, but I didn't know it was this much... It's just like shoujo manga.
Taichi If Mucchan saw this, his eyes will absolute go all sparkly! How envious... It's a man's dream.

I will become famous...! I want girls to go 'kyaa kyaa' at me ~ !

Izumi Taichi-kun, you honestly desire to be popular huh...
Masumi ...!