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The Actor List is where you can check all the main list of Actors you've recruited (not in Lobby). To see all the actors and cards you have unlocked visit the Roster. Actors in your Actors List will be directly available to choose and put on your Teams (does not include Theater) or Train. There are three different tabs: Actors, Coaches and Move Actors.

Tap on an Actor to view their stats or profile. (To view stats on actors outside the Actors List, tap on the Card's icon). Use the Sort button in the upper right to rearrange the list in order to your choice.

To increase the Actors List go to Shop in the "Menu" tab, and then "Increase Max Limit". You spend 5 Gems Diamond.png for every 5th space. You can go up to 500 slots maximum, and you start out with 200. You can also decrease slots by 5s, but you cannot decrease any if you have 200 since that is the minimum.

Actors List menu


In Actors you can find the cards you can use in Practices and Shows. These are the ones you can Train and Bloom. Tap on the ‘Locker’ to lock the character. By doing so, it can’t be used as a training or blooming partner.
Actors will also include Kamekichi Cards.


Here you can find the Coaches/Yuzo Cards. Coaches can be used in as a training partner in Training.

Move Actors

Here you can choose which cards you want to move to the Lobby to free up space. You can choose 20 cards at a time. Actors currently on a Team or Earning Cash will not be able to be moved.

Sorting Actors

Tap the Sort/Filter button next the arrow button on the top right of the Select characters box to change how your list is sorted. For Sort, you can select:

  • Character, Rarity, Lv, Lead Skill, Affection, Day Added, Blooms, Times Trained, Total, and Co, Ac, and Dr.

For Filter, you can select:

  • All, Event Boost, Act, Rarity, Affection, Attribute, and Troupe.

Actor Profiles

By tapping on an Actor's image you can check their Status and Profile.