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Omi The Big Incident 01/04/21 - 01/05/21
Hisoka The Actor's Cafe 01/15/21 - 01/16/21
Juza (Untitled) 01/20/21 - 01/21/21
Tsumugi Morning Incident 01/30/21 - 02/01/21
Azuma The Season of Flowers 02/06/21 - 02/07/21
Muku Heart-Fluttering Valentine's 02/14/21 - 02/15/21
Masumi Training Camp 02/17/21 - 02/18/21
Kazunari Operation: Tax, the Kitty! 02/23/21 - 02/24/21
Muku Casting Call of the Wild 03/05/21 - 03/06/21
Banri Fourth Round of Performances Complete 03/12/21 - 03/13/21
Misumi Triangle White Day 03/14/21 - 03/15/21
Itaru Spring Has Come 03/18/21 - 03/19/21
Tenma The Final Episode 03/25/21 - 03/26/21
Chikage Dormitory Days 03/28/21 - 03/29/21
Sakyo Today-Only Offer: Club Mankai 04/01/21
Tenma April Fool's Life Hack 04/02/21 - 04/03/21
Yuki Flower Viewing Party 04/05/21 - 04/06/21
Itaru Special Thanks 04/08/21 - 04/09/21
Hisoka Supermarket Freebies 04/11/21 - 04/12/21
Sakyo Summer Festival 04/22/21 - 04/23/21
Misumi Awesome Triangles! 04/26/21 - 04/27/21
Tsuzuru Golden Week 05/01/21 - 05/02/21
Taichi The Long Holiday 05/05/21 - 05/06/21
Kazunari Summer Troupe ROCKS! 05/07/21 - 05/08/21
Sakuya Long Time No See! 05/21/21 - 05/22/21
Azami Ramen Craze 05/24/21 - 05/25/21
Taichi Taiji Mantou Fist! 06/04/21 - 06/05/21
Citron Citron's blorg part1 06/07/21 - 06/08/21
Omi Rainy Day Photography 06/14/21 - 06/15/21
Misumi Rabbit Figurine 06/18/21 - 06/19/21
Kumon Tenma's Birthday! 06/22/21 - 06/23/21
Guy Guy's blorg: greet things 06/24/21 - 06/25/21
Masumi Sports Festival 06/28/21 - 06/29/21
Tasuku The Final Curtain Call 07/04/21 - 07/05/21
Tsumugi Bamboo Tree Decorations 07/07/21 - 07/08/21
Juza (Untitled) 07/10/21 - 07/11/21
Yuki Halloween 07/21/21 - 07/22/21
Banri School 07/25/21 - 07/26/21
Citron Citron's blorg part2 07/29/21 - 07/30/21
Omi Summer Break 08/02/21 - 08/03/21

The Big Incident

Omi Fushimi

Available:01/04/21 - 01/05/21

Carnation (colored).png
Hello. This is Omi Fushimi from the Autumn Troupe.

So, I thought that since this is my first time writing on the blog it'd be better to write more formally, but then Sakyo got mad and said this isn't a school report, so that was that.He told me I should write more casually to connect with our fans. I think the others will take a more casual approach to these posts, too!

Oops. That was a really long preface. Sorry about that.

Anyway, we recently had this big incident where the dorm's oven broke. Luckily, the cause was just a loose part, so Tasuku was able to fix it for us the next day. Unfortunately, that still meant we weren't able to back anything for a whole day. I had promised Muku we'd make a chocolate cake together, so when that fell through, both he and Juza were really disappointed. Seeing them so sad really broke my heart.

I figured I could pick up some cookies from a popular shop on Veludo Way to make up for it, but I was surprised to see the entire store completely decked out for Valentine's Day.

Can you believe it's almost Valentine's already? I'm glad we got the oven repaired so quickly. Thanks to that, I'll be able to make treats for everyone in the company this year, too!

Oh, right. The other day, I passed by the Actor's Cafe on the way home. It looked like they were in the middle of renovating the interior. Maybe they'll open up again for another limited-time event soon! If you don't know what the Actor's Cafe is, it's a restaurant where actors serve you while in-character. We've participated there a few times. Their food and desserts are nothing to scoff at, either.

I highly recommend giving it a try if you ever have the chance!

The Actor's Cafe

Hisoka Mikage

Available:01/15/21 - 01/16/21

Anemone (colored).png
This is Hisoka Mikage from the Winter Troupe.

Balloon Cake blog image

I made this. It was given out at the Actor's Cafe.

Kazunari taught me how to attach a picture here.

After helping at the cafe, we all had snacks together. Arisu liked the carrot cake, but I think marshmallows are yummier. I wish marshmallows could be made out of balloons...

I thought I was done with the post, but Sakyo got mad. Apparently nobody can see it if I don’t click the submit button.

Blogging is hard...


Juza Hyodo

Available:01/20/21 - 01/21/21

Red Spider Lily (colored).png
I went shopping with Muku and saw a cake shop while we were out. Everything inside was wrapped in white and blue papers and stuff. What's up with that? I guess it's better than if everything was just pink and red, but still...

Lately, I noticed everyone holding a lot of meetings together, too. Settsu seems to know what's going on, but I got no idea. We just had a meeting about the cleaning schedule for the bath and how to use the cleaning schedule for the bath and how to use the new washing machine, so what other stuff could they be talking about?

Kazunari DM'd me the other day saying, "Keep it a secret from her!" but he didn't explain anything... I don't get it. Keep what a secret? What were they all talking about?

March 6[1]

Juza Hyodo, Autumn Troupe

Morning Incident

Tsumugi Tsukioka

Available:01/31/21 - 02/01/21

Narcissus (colored).png
Hello. This is Tsumugi Tsukioka from the Winter Troupe. I’ve never really written blog posts before, so I’m a little nervous. I hope this won’t be too difficult to read.

The other day, I had the opportunity to perform at an amusement park. If any of you happened to see me there, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my acting the next time we meet.

In the performance, I played the character called Prince Candy, and Itaru from the Spring Troupe played Prince Macaron. It was such a fun role that I couldn’t quite get out of character afterwards. I kept calling Itaru “Prince Macaron” by accident...

Even this morning, when I spotted him in the bathroom, I slipped again and told him, ‘You have a bit of bedhead, Prince Macaron.’ He played along with me and responded with, ‘Oh, Prince Candy. Don’t worry, it’s intentional.’ Itaru is so kind to go along with me and my acting habits. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be Prince Candy for a while longer.

Kazunari from the Summer Troupe and Banri from the Autumn Troupe happened to be there at he time, and they laughed their heads off at my mistake. I don’t think I’ll be able to live this down for a while.

Spring is coming upon us fast, so be sure to take care of yourselves as the weather changes.

Thanks so much for reading this.

Tsumugi Tsukioka, Winter Troupe

The Season of Flowers

Azuma Yukishiro

Available:02/06/21 - 02/07/21

Camellia (colored).png
This is Azuma Yukishiro from the Winter Troupe.

Spring is the season for new beginnings. I'm looking to taking on new challenges as well. I figured I'd start with this blog post. It's hard to think of what to write for a blog post, since it's so different from a diary and so many people can read it. My writing might come off a bit stiff since it's my first time writing, but I hope you have fun while reading this.

Our dorm's sakura tree went into full bloom the other day. Since sakura blossoms bloom for such a short window of time, we'll have to hurry and prepare a flower viewing party to enjoy them. I should order some sakura mochi for us all while I still have time.

By the way, a friend of mine messaged me the other day and invited me to stay at the new lodging facility they just opened up. It's located in a beautiful place surrounded by nature, and I think it would be nice to visit it with everyone in the company. The location is quite famous for its sakura trees as well.

I hope you can all make some wonderful memories this spring.

Talk to you again soon.

Azuma Yukishiro, Winter Troupe

Heart-Fluttering Valentine's

Muku Sakisaka

Available:02/14/21 - 02/15/21

Chinese Bellflower (colored).png
Hey, everyone! This is Muku Sakisaka from the Summer Troupe, and it's my first time posting here.

Today is February 14, which means it's Valentine's Day! Do you have anyone you're thinking of giving chocolate to? I love the way both boys and girls get really nervous and fidgety at school on Valentine's Day. They all open their lockers with a mixture of fear and expectation, hoping they'll find some chocolates left behind by their special crush... (It's exactly like the scene on page 53 of volume 3 of "Chocolove Holic"!)

If our dorms had lockers like at school, I bet we would open them with the same heart-fluttering anticipation! After all, lockers are the best way to hand out chocolate without revealing your identity!

Wait... I just remembered that we're all boys here! I was thinking th Tetsuro, our set carpenter, would probably be willing to build lockers for us if I asked, but... I guess Operation: Heart-Racing Locker Confession is a no-go.

Come to think of it, I've never had the chance to talk to Tetsuro about his love life. I should try to work up the courage to invite him to tea sometime!

That's it from me! I appreciate you reading all the way to the end! Thank you!

Training Camp

Masumi Usui

Available:02/17/21 - 02/18/21

Violet (colored).png
This is Masumi Usui from the Spring Troupe.

The Spring and Winter Troupes just got back from our training camp.

We had a flower viewing party during it. I basically just slept through the whole thing with Hisoka, though.

Sakyo lectured me for ages after we got back. It's not like I slacked off during practices, so what's his problem?

I'm supposed to have Sakyo check my entry before posting, but some of the others submitted their posts without letting him see, so I'm gonna do that too.

What a useless rule.

Operation: Tax, the Kitty!

Kazunari Miyoshi

Available:02/23/21 - 02/24/21

Hibiscus (colored).png
Hey hey, y'all'! It's me, the Summer Troupe's very own Kazunari Miyoshi!♪

It was taking literally forever for my turn to post, ao I just decided to hijack the blog LOL! Frooch's gonna be sooo mad when he sees this! I'll just deal with that later, though! You might call me happy-go-lucky, but I just figured it's easier to take things as they come! (*'▽'*)♪

Oh, right! Yesterday, February 22, was Tax's birthday!! Who woulda guessed someone with rugged looks like him was born on National Cat Day?! Especially since he's such a dog lover, right? Not this guy!

Anyway, we were talking about sticking Kuro's cat ears on Itaroon and Tax for a birthday photoshoot. We called our plan...wait for it...

...Operation: Tax, the Kitty!

We even got Hiso-hiso to help us out, but Tax caught us, like, two seconds after we slipped the cat ears on his head! >< I was SO CLOSE to getting a pic of him in kitty ears, too! (;O;)

He was all, 'Why would anyone want to see me with cat ears?' and I'm like, literally EVERYONE would, though? Anyway, I'm gonna try again next year, so wish me luck!♪

Well, I guess that's that for Kazunari Miyoshi's surprise blog takeover! I wonder who'll be next? Keep your eyes peeled! Peace!

Casting Call of the Wild

Muku Sakisaka

Available:03/05/21 - 03/06/21

Chinese Bellflower (colored).png
Hello! It's Muku Sakisaka from the Summer Troupe. How have you all been?

The other day, the Summer and Autumn Troupes went on a training camp together! This time, Sakyo managed to arrange a trip for us on a deserted island! (Taichi was super disappointed that it wasn't "legit and fancy', though...)

I was pretty nervous at first when I heard we would be going to a deserted island. We had to do lots of foraging and fishing just to eat, and we had to use a metal barrel as a bathtub. Holding rehearsals on the sand isn't something we get to do every day, and being able to be so close to nature was incredible! ALL in all, it was a really valuable trip!

Before heading out on the trip, Omi and I watched a movie that ended up teaching us a lot of different wilderness survival techniques! Omi was super resourceful with his cooking during the trip, and he got really creative with the way he prepared and seasoned our food. Thanks to him, we were able to have delicious meals even while on a deserted island.

On our last day, Sakyo let us stay the night in a traditional lodge! We all soaked in the hot springs and had a pillow fight together... It felt like we were on a school field trip, and we had such a blast. I'm glad I was able to make so many great memories!

I wonder when we'll have our next joint training camp? This time, the trips were split between the Spring and Winter Troupes and the Summer and Autumn Troupes, but I hope we can all go on a big trip together someday!

Until next time, everyone! Thanks for reading until the end!

Fourth Round of Performances Complete

Banri Settsu

Available:03/12/21 - 03/13/21

Cosmos (colored).png
This is Banri Settsu of the Autumn Troupe.

With the Winter Troupe's fourth performance outta the way, all of our troupes are now done with their fourth round of plays. Man, it feels like they all wrapped up in an instant. A big thanks to all of you who stayed with us along the way.

Now that we're done with our performances, things've calmed down for most of us...except Tenma. He's busy as hell, as always.

He's been actin' in a TV drama, and Taichi and Tsuzuru have been totally hooked on it. I walked in on the two of 'em watchin' an episode last week, and it actually seemed pretty cool. It's about time travel, so if you're into that, you'd probably like it.

By the way, someone who helped organize that fashion show at my uni's cultural festival contacted me the other day. Seems like they're plannin' to put on another show soon.

Y'know, I've been asked to act as a model a few times before, but I didn't expect to be able to learn.

By the way, someone who helped organize that fashion show at my uni's cultural festival contacted me the other day. Seems like they're plannin' to put on another show soon.

Y'know, I've been asked to act as a model a few times before, but I didn't expect to be able to learn so much from the experience, like how to move my body and stuff. They're useful skills I'm plannin' to put to work in my performances, so please come and check those out when they get announced.

That's it from me, I guess. Later.

Triangle White Day

Misumi Ikaruga

Available:03/14/21 - 03/15/21

Dahlia (colored).png
This is my first blog post.

It's spring already. How is everyone doing? I'm doing super duper good! △

Did you know that White Day is coming up soon? All our fans have been sooo nice to me, I wanted to get you all something too! I was thinking really hard about what to givr you, but then, you know? Kaz gave me some triangle candies, too! So I thought I could give YOU triangle candies, too! That's why I went to the store and brought ALLLLL the triangle candies!

So that's why I'm gonna be passing out triangle candies in front of the Mankai Thearer at 3 PM today!

Guys can come too, of course! Just ask me 'Can I have a triangle, please?' for one!

See you at the theater!


Spring Has Come

Itaru Chigasaki

Available:03/18/21 - 03/19/21

Gerbera (colored).png
Hey all, it's Itaru Chigasaki from the Spring Troupe here, and guess what? It's THAT season already. What season, you ask? The season where

Pollen. Is. Everywhere.

Luckily, for me, I don't have allergies so it's all good, but the allergy struggles are real for some of the other guys. Guess I'll keep to my room as much as I can to avoid the worst of it, though I will miss the bright and clear spring sky.

Oh, yeah. We don't do it often, but the Spring Troupe all went out to eat together after practice yesterday. Citron had this monster craving for sushi, so we gave in to him. It was the first time Sakuya and Tsuzuru had non-conveyer belt sushi, and they were so awed by the whole experience. Meanwhile, Masumi sat there, completely unmoved as usual. Citron ordered nothing but sweet shrimp while Chikage only ordered the expensive stuff. Personally, I stuck with good ol' salmon. Never lets me down.

Dinner in the dorm is always lively, but it's nice to switch things up every now and then and treat ourselves to a fancy meal out.

Oh, and if you were wondering, we adults picked up the tab, so no worries.

I just remembered, it's around that time where Spring Troupe is supposed to make an announcement about the next performance. It looks like all six of us will be making appearances in the show, too. We'll be counting on your love and support.

The Final Episode

Tenma Sumeragi

Available:03/25/21 - 03/26/21

Sunflower (colored).png
This is Tenma Sumeragi of the Summer Troupe.

The final episode of the TV drama I played the lead in just aired the other day.

I bet some of you were surprised when you watched the sereis, since a few of our company's members made guest appearances in it.

Filming for that drama was fun, because the members who made cameos were from different troupes. It was a refreshing experience compared to our usual Summer Troupe rehearsals.

They usually perform on stage, so I'm sure it was fun for our members to see what acting for a drama is like at least once. We would probably end up doing something comedic if it was just the Summer Troupe, but filming something with all the troupes could be a possibility, too.

I don't know if or when that would ever happen, but there's no harm in writing this down as a future goal, right?

If you watched the drama, please let me know what you thought of it. Of course, you can tell me how you felt about the others' performances, too. I know they'll be happy to hear your opinion.

All right. Thanks for reading this post. Bye.

Dormitory Days

Chikage Utsuki

Available:03/28/21 - 03/29/21

Lily of the Valley (colored).png
Hi, I'm Chikage Utsuki from the Spring Troupe.

It's part of Sakuya and my daily routine to do a coin toss guessing game, but recently, I've been approached by a new challenger. Can you guess who it is?

It's the Mankai Company's (alleged) mascot, Kamekichi the parrot. I guess we're all just birds of another feather.

I heard that birds are drawn to shiny objects, but Kamekichi is really obsessed with my coin. Even though I only give him one chance a day, he's so persistent that it's honestly kind of exhausting.

Yesterday, he ended up falling asleep in my lap after another difficult coin toss battle.

For the first time in my life, I found him kind of adorable.

I've never really interacted with animals before, so that was the first time I ever felt that way. I was kind of surprised myself.

Oh, but that's not the only thing I recently experienced for the first time. Azami was using me as a practice model for hair and makeup when Chigasaki said I looked like Gawain. Apparently, he's a character from a video game called "Knights of the Round". No one's ever said I look like a game character before.

It's fun living in the dorm, because I'm getting to experience so many things for the first time.

We're beginning to prepare for our fifth performance, but I wonder what the story will be about? I hope you're excited for it.

Today-Only Offer: Club Mankai

Sakyo Furuichi


Chrysanthemum (colored).png
This is Sakyo Furuichi, manager of Club Mankai.

Nestled in the corner of Vueldo Way, Club Mankai is a cozy hideaway host club. Some of you may balk at the idea of a 'hideaway host club', but allow me to assuage your worries.

Our location includes 22 hosts in our roster-including myself, the manager. From the little brother type to the high-and-mighty type to the princely type, we have just the man for you. And if you're looking for someone more unique, like a spiritual guide or doting, motherly character, look no further. We guarantee you'll find your type here.

I know there are many of you out there who lack the confidence to step into a host club, but remember: Our club is as welcoming as it is affordable.
(*Affordability and welcomeness may differ according to host.)

We are ready to bring comfort and spice into your life.
(*Comfort and spiciness may differ according to host.)

Here at Club Mankai, we promise you'll have an amazing experience, starting today.

Currently accepting applications! No recommendation letters, self-assessments, or career experience needed! Why not be the best you can be? Interested applicants, please contact the club manager, Frooch (AKA Furuichi)! (Miyoshi)

April Fool's Life Hack

Tenma Sumeragi

Available:04/02/21 - 04/03/21

Sunflower (colored).png
This is Tenma Sumeragi from the Summer Troupe.

Yesterday was April 1, also known as April Fool's. It's always a little chaotic in the company on that day.

The dorm was filled with excitement from the crack of dawn, because we were all trying to see who would be tricked.

In the end, Kumon and Taichi fell for the most tricks out of everyone. I think they both got fooled at least five times each.

Of course, I survived the day without being tricked a single time. Pretty impressive, right? It's all thanks to an April Fool's hack that Chikage taught me first thing in the morning: every trick fails if you just say, "Okay' to it.

So with that in mind, I simply said, 'Okay' to everything I was told yesterday. Well... okay, I guess, I DID hesitate for a moment when Omi said he had a lot of carrots to use and asked if I'd be okay if he made a carrot-filled dish for dinner...

Speaking of April Fool's, Sakoda was saying that he had a dream where all of us in Mankai became hosts at a host club. What a bizarre dream... I mean, some of us would definitely be pretty good hosts, but I think most of us would be pretty much disasters. I wouldn't mind playing a host on stage, though. Sounds fun.

Oops, looks like it's already dinner time. I guess I wrote a lot more than I thought. Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Flower Viewing Party

Yuki Rurikawa

Available:04/05/21 - 04/06/21

Lily (colored).png
This is Yuki Rurikawa from the Summer Troupe.

The spring for cherry blossoms and flower viewing is finally here. I had had a flower viewing party with the people in the dorm yesterday, but it was kind of disappointing because the sakura blossoms were already starting to wilt and fall. Plus, we only have the one tree.

All in all, the party was pretty standard. We just ate food and sweets and stuff. I threw a frisbee for the puppy pair, too, and they sprinted after it, yapping the entire time. They seriously live up to their nickname. Anyway, Banri got it on video, so I'll share it sometime.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who came to see Knights of the Round IV. What did you think of the costumes? Cool, right? It was my first time making costumes based off of an existing work. It wasn't easy, but the whole process was worth it in opinion. Plus, I got to learn a lot, too. Let me know your thoughts on our costumes and performances sometime, okay?

Special Thanks

Itaru Chigasaki

Available:04/08/21 - 04/09/21

Gerbera (colored).png
The Spring Troupe's fifth performance, Knights of the Round IV On Stage, has successfully concluded.

Thank you to everyone who came by and supported us. And thank you to everyone in the Spring Troupe. It's...a little embarrassing to tell you all this face-to-face, so I'll just say it here.

Sakuya, thank you for letting me lead the Spring Troupe for this performance. I'm deeply thankful to have you as our troupe leader.

Masumi, thank you for gaming with me even though you have no interest in it. Keep it up, and I might even fall for you.

Tsuzuru, thanks for writing such a good story. It wasn't that bad. Don't get any funny ideas, though. I said that it 'wasn't that bad', not that it's 'great', okay? I'm looking forward to your next original work.

Citron, I don't know if you were able to play the best king you wanted, but you certainly were the best King Arthur I could have hoped for as Lancelot. I hope to act with you again if we ever get a sequel.

And to Chikage, or as I like to call him, Sir Bores-A-Lot... Honestly, it kind of pissed me off how good you are at fight scenes. I don't know what else I expected from someone as OP as you, but whatever. There's so much more I could say, but I don't want to get teased to death by you, so I'll stop here... Well, I guess I have one more thing: I'm glad you were my Gawain.

I hope I'll get the chance to play Lancelot again in the future.

Itaru Chigasaki, Spring Troupe

Supermarket Freebies

Hisoka Mikage

Available:04/11/21 - 04/12/21

Anemone (colored).png
It's Hisoka from the Winter Troupe.

Sakuya and Taichi gave me some marshmallows a few days back...

They said the supermarket is holding a special event where you can write wishes on paper strips for Tanabata, the Star Festival. When they did, they got a free bag of marshmallows. They were good.

They both said it was fun to write wishes, but I know they did it just to get me marshmallows. They're so kind...

Apparently, the special is only until Tanabata is over, so I'm gonna get the entire Winter Troupe to write some wishes there before it's over.

I'm still writing, but Sakyo's already telling me not to forget to press "Submit".

It's not like I forget all the time...

Summer Festival

Sakyo Furuichi

Available:04/22/21 - 04/23/21

Chrysanthemum (colored).png
This is Sakyo Furuichi from the Autumn Troupe.

A few days ago, I took a handful of troupe members to help out and perform at a festival. We had to travel relatively far to get there.

Everyone who went seemed to have enjoyed themselves while helping out at the stalls. Unfortunately, Citron decided to weigh us all down by somehow getting enough masks for everyone in the company. It was such a pain bringing them all back.

Getting to work at a festival is a rare opportunity though, and I'm sure helped motivate and inspire them all.

For our performance, we put on a play with a Tanabata theme. Considering how little time we had to practice, I think it turned out pretty well. I have to commend the others for giving it their best and putting on a good show.

Though we only performed it once, I hope we'll get to show it off at the theater sometime.

Please be patient until that day comes.

Awesome Triangles!

Misumi Ikaruga

Available:04/26/21 - 04/27/21

Dahlia (colored).png
How are you guys? I'm positively triangular! Today, I worked really hard during practice and looked really hard for triangles!

Lately, Kaz has been painting something super big in the dorm. He turned the storage room into a studio, and every day, his painting gets more and more colorful! It's fun to watch! Kaz's painting is so beautiful, and it makes my heart feel warm and fluffy! I hope lots of people get to see it!

Once it's done, I heard we're gonna start preparing for the Summer Troupe's fifth play! I'm sooo excited and can't wait! Right now, I'm cheering Kaz on by making him lots of yummy onigiri, so he can finish fast!

I hope that we can give another awesome performance this time, too. I'll have to go on the roof and tell my wish to Gramps and the big, big triangle stars in the sky!

Golden Week

Tsuzuru Minagi

Available:04/27/21 - 05/02/21

Dandelion (colored).png
Hey guys, it's Tsuzuru Minagi from Spring Troupe.

Do you have any plans for Golden Week? There's a lot you can do with an entire week's worth of free time. As for me, I'm planning to go back home this year, as usual. Every time I go back, I end up spending most of my time watching kids' anime movies with my little brothers. Except they make me watch the same thing so many times, I practically end up memorizing all the lines...

But you know, children's movies make a surprisingly good resource for my own scriptwriting, since they're so easy to follow along. They're fun for even adults to watch, so I really recommend them.

Everyone else in the troupe has different plans for the break. Some of them are also heading back home while others are taking on part-time jobs, traveling, or making guest appearances in plays... I bet our company's group chat will be just as lively as always, even during Golden Week.

I hope you guys have a great holiday, too!

Until next time, everyone.

Tsuzuru Minagi, Spring Troupe.

The Long Holiday

Taichi Nanao

Available:05/05/21 - 05/06/21

Pansy (colored).png
Sup! This is Taichi Nanao from the Autumn Troupe! I've been waiting sooo long for my turn to post, I thought I was gonna explode!

I hope you're all enjoying Golden Week right now!

Golden Week really makes you think of going on vacation somewhere nice! I remember when the Spring and Winter Troupes went on their training camp. It sounded like they had a seriously legit and fancy trip. Wish I coulda gone!!

Our joint Summer and Autumn Troupe camp wasn't that bad, though. Sakyo's planned it all out for us and took us to a deserted island! A lot of the guys weren't too happy about how things turned out, but spending time with everybody somewhere different was still fun in its own unique way!

Oh, yeah! Since it's Children's Day today, we've got a ton of carp streamers hanging around the dorm and courtyard! Actually, we made them all by hand ourselves! Some of them have triangle eyes, and some have differently colored eyes... Everyone's personality really shines through each streamer!

Kazu made sure to take pictures of all of them, so check 'em out on his Instablam, okay?

Omi prepared some traditional foods for the occasion, like sticky rice dumplings and mochi wrapped in oak leaves, and just thinking about dinner is getting me hyped!

Well guys, time for me to log off for the day!

Taichi Nanao out!

Summer Troupe ROCKS!

Kazunari Miyoshi

Available:05/07/21 - 05/08/21

Hibiscus (colored).png
Hiya, this is Kazunari Miyoshi!

Thank you all for coming to see the Summer Troupe's fifth play, Shinobi Adventures!

Hey, can I just do some real talk for a sec?

TBH, this performance marked a huge turning point for me as a person. I was floundering around about what to do with my future and lost sight of what was important to me. All my confusion caused a lot of trouble for the Summer Troupe.

But I realized what's important to me isn't some distant dream in the future but the hundreds of hours I've spent acting on stage with the Summer Troupe.

Rather than fearing what I might regret years down the line, I want to focus on my present.

I'm glad the choices I've made up until now have brought me to where I am today!

Tenten, Yukki, Mukkun, Kumopi, and Sumi... I'm super thankful that I'm able to have such amazing friends like you!

Let's continue to light the stage on fire, guys!
Kazunari blog 05-07-21

I hope we can all be together for the years to come, too!

Stay tuned for what our futures will bring, 'kay?

This has been Kazunari Miyoshi from Summer Troupe! Peace!

Long Time No See

Sakuya Sakuma

Available:05/21/21 - 05/22/21

Cherry Blossom (colored).png
Thank you for all your love and support! This is the Spring Troupe's Sakuya Sakuma!
We recently took part in an interactive murder mystery that was performed on a luxury cruise ship! I was a bit nervous since, unlike our usual plays, the guests on the cruise were also active participants in the plot.
I was my first time on a luxurious liner, and I was blown away by how beautiful the inside of the ship was and how many facilities it had.
We swam in the pool and played basketball with the guests... There were even buffets and dance parties! It was like being in another world and a little overwhelming to be honest.
I made many wonderful memories, and I am so thankful to Azuma for giving me the chance to have such a fantastic experience. If we ever get a opportunity to do something like this again, it’d be great if you could come join us too!
Well, everyone. I’ll have to catch up with you again sometime! Bye!

Ramen Craze

Azami Izumida

Available:05/24/21 - 05/25/21

Thistle (colored).png
This is Azami Izumida from the Autumn Troupe.

Lately, everyone in the company has been on a ramen craze.

It all started when Kumon suggested drawing up a map of all the good ramen restaurants around town. We have a set number of restaurants to try out, so we've been having a lot more ramen than curry

recently. Well, at least one of us has been seriously

going out of their way to look for curry-style ramen, though.

I don't know how long we'll keep up this ramen map business, but it seems like we're going to be drowning in ramen for a little while longer.

By the way, Sakyo told me to get myself in order because we're going to start prepping for the next play soon, but honestly? HE'S the one who should be getting himself in order.

Tomorrow will mark the first day of the Autumn Troupe's month-long skincare regimen. Since we have so many action scenes in our plays, we end up putting a lot of makeup on just to make sure it doesn't get smudged away with sweat.

Anyway, I will PERSONALLY make sure that we end the final performance with flawless skin.

Taiki Mantou Fist!

Taichi Nanao

Available:06/04/21 - 06/05/21

Pansy (colored).png
Taichi Nanao of Autumn Troupe, reporting in!

The Autumn Troupe's fifth performance, Fiery Mantou Fist!, has finally come to a close! Thanks to everyone who came by and supported us! It really means a lot!

I've always dreamed of standing on center stage, but no matter how hard I tried, I never managed to do it... I nearly lost hope so many times, and I've even done awful things to try to get there. I let myself believe that I would never be in the spotlight, that I had no right...

But with Achan as my supporting lead and the rest of the Autumn Troupe at my side, I managed to cast off my old, weaker self. And on closing night, I was able to stand proudly in the very center of the stage for our curtain call!

I can't even count how many times I've thought this, but I', so lucky I was able to join Autumn Troupe! I love, love, LOVE each and every member in my troupe!

I'll never forget the view from my first time on center stage, and I'll never forget the feeling of seeing the words "Lead Role" next to my name!

I still have lots of rook for growth, but I'll do everything I can to become a bigger and better man! As long as I'm with the Autumn Troupe, I know I can always keep moving forward! I hope you'll stick with me for the journey!

I'm getting kinda embarrassed saying all of this, so I'm gonna wrap things up now! Thanks again, everyone, for all your love and support! I appreciate it so much!

Taichi Nanao

Citron's blorg part1


Available:06/07/21 - 06/08/21

Jasmine (colored).png
The moon was BIG

We hop hop hopped

in the courtyard.


Sakuya hop hop hop with me?

Can you guess which troupe won

Omi's dango battle ?

Guess right and you can get

a Citron Jr. !

Send answers HERE.

Rainy Day Photography

Omi Fushimi

Available:06/14/21 - 06/15/21

Carnation (colored).png
Hi. This is Omi from the Autumn Troupe.

It's been awhile since I rode my motorcycle, so I thought it'd be a good idea to go for a ride and take some photos while I was at it. Unfortunately, it's been raining since this morning, so I wasn't able to go. I was resigning myself to my fate and just finish up some school reports in my dorm, but I managed to snap a good photo of something I didn't expect. Take a look.

06-15-21 Omi blog

When I was younger, my little brothers and I used to play around like this a lot. It was such a nostalgic sight, I got a little lost in my thoughts. Before I realized what was happening, though, the rest of the dorm had gathered by and started doodling on the windows along with Masumi. It feels a lot more cheerful now that the windows are covered in all their drawings.

Well, Matsukawa nearly cracked the glass with his shriek when he saw them. He seemed very concerned that the doodles would leave streaks on the windows.

It's hard to dry laundry outside during rainy season since it's always so humid, and the rain makes going out a hassle... Still, I think it's nice being able to enjoy silly little activities like drawing on the windows during this drab, muggy season.

Rabbit Figurine

Misumi Ikaruga

Available:06/18/21 - 06/19/21

Dahlia (colored).png
The sky's been really pretty these days, don't you think? Did any of you hold a moon viewing party? I looked at the moon a lot this year. The dango we got to eat during the party are round, but they're extra pretty when you stack them all up and make a triangle tower! I don't ever wanna eat them, because that'd ruin the pretty triangle...

A while back, me, Kaz, Tsuzuru, Itaru, Chikage, Juza, and Hisoka performed at a rabbit shrine during its festival.

We worked together to make a really good show, and it was lots of fun! I messed up a little, though, so I hope I get another chance to perform there again next year...

The head priest gave us a rabbit figurine as a thank you gift. We wanted to give it to Chikage, but he already has a bunch of rabbit-themed stuff in his room, so I ended up getting to keep it. But the priest sent us six more this morning, so we can all have one! I'm gonna give the extra one to our director! Now we'll all have matching bunnies! I'm so happy!

I'm gonna ask Kaz to take a picture of them and put it up on Instablam!

Tenma's Birthday!

Kumon Hyodo

Available:06/22/21 - 06/23/21

Morning Glory (colored).png
Hi, guys! This is the Summer Troupe's Kumon Hyodo, and I'm here to make my first blog post!

Yesterday was June 21, AKA Tenma Sumeragi's birthday! Happy b-day!

The Summer Troupe threw a surprise party for him, but we also celebrated with the rest of the troupes after that. Tenma acted all mad about getting fussed over, but you could tell he was actually really happy. I wanted to show you guys a picture of him enjoying the party, but I apparently have to ask his manager for permission first, so I'll share this with you instead!
06-22-21 Kumon blog

This is a pic of us getting ready for the party! Guy is totally killing it with that look, right?! He's really tall, so the outfit gave him a kinda weird but cool vibe. It all just adds to his charm!

Every day with the Mankai Company is such a blast!

Happy birthday again, Tenma! I'm gonna keep working to make my acting better and better, so just you wait!

Let's get steamed pork buns again sometime!

Okay, that's it for my post! Stay chill, everyone!

Guy's blorg: greet things


Available:06/24/21 - 06/25/21

Ranunculus (colored).png
Hello. I am Guy of the Winter Troupe. I am the newest member, but I hope we will get along.

This is my first time writing a blog post. I did not know what to write, but Yukishiro advised me to just be myself. I apologize if this is difficult to read. If it is, please feel free to send in feedback.

By the way, Citronia wrote the title of this post for me. I do not understand what it means, but I trust it is appropriate. Apologies for the long preface. The other day, I went with the Winter Troupe to watch a performance Takato had a guest role in. His performance was different from how it usually is when he acts with us. He is really talented. I am only a novice, but even I understood that. Despite the large stage, his subtle line delivery naturally drew my attention. His skill is on such a different level. It was an enlightening experience, and the play was very enjoyable.

Preparations for the Winter Troupe's next performance will start soon. I hope to use what I learned in our next play. Citronia told me he would like to do a samurai-themed comedy skit with Minagi. I have never heard of historical comedy skits. Are they popular in Japan? Please tell me your recommendations for comedies or other light-hearted shows.

Guy, Winter Troupe

Sports Festival

Masumi Usui

Available:06/28/21 - 06/29/21

Violet (colored).png
Masumi Usui, Spring Troupe.

Today was the Sports Festival at school. Mandatory school events like that are such a pain. But everyone had to take part in an event, so I ended up competing in the bread-eating competition. I don't remember what rank I got, but I ended up grabbing a package of curry bread during the race. It was like fate. I was so happy.

I didn't tell anyone about the festival, but the guys from the Spring Troupe ended up coming to watch. Only family members were supposed to be allowed in, but they said they got special permission.

They kept nagging me to upload a picture, so here.

06-28-21 Masumi blog

Just so you know, I wasn't the one who took this picture.

I told them to go home after lunch, but they ended up sticking around until the final team scores were announced at the end of the day. My team happened to win, so they took me out for yakiniku[2] on the way home.

What a bunch of busybodies.

The Final Curtain Call

Tasuku Takato

Available:07/04/21 - 07/05/21

Orchid (colored).png
The Winter Troupe's fifth performance, Die by the Sword, has come to a successful close. My heart is filled with gratitude.

If I hadn't been involved in the theater world, I never would have joined the Mankai Company, and I never would have met the others in the Winter Troupe. I don't think I would have ever wanted to act with them, either.
I've been never one to believe in pretentious things like fate, but every little thing that's happened since I joined the Mankai Company has made me reconsider... Thinking that makes me feel so out of character.

But it's through my experiences performing alongside the Winter Troupe that I've found a home for myself at the Mankai Company and that I've come to love theater.

I'm glad that I found theater. I truly love acting. I can't even remember how long it's been since I've felt this simple bliss.

The point at which my time as an actor ends is still undecided, but at the end of the road, I know what I'll remember most fondly is the view from the Mankai Theater's stage.

Until that day comes, I will keep aiming higher and higher. Please continue to support me in my endeavors.

For now, I'm going to indulge in a well-deserved drink.

Tasuku Takato, Winter Troupe

Bamboo Tree Decorations

Tsumugi Tsukioka

Available:07/07/21 - 07/08/21

Narcissus (colored).png
Hello. This is Tsumugi Tsukioka from the Winter Troupe.

Today is July 7 or Tanabata, the Star Festival, How are you celebrating the day? All of us here are busy preparing for the day by thinking about our wishes, decorating the dorm...I'll admit, I'm not the best with crafts or working with my hands, but I'm doing my best to help make our dorm as festive as I can!

Actually, because most of us have tried our hand at making bamboo tree decorations, you can find a lot of unique and varied creations around the dorm. Taichi made so many creative pieces, but this one surprised me the most.

07-07-21 Tsumugi blog.png

(Sorry... I couldn't get the camera to focus on Taichi.) Taichi called his creation the 'Ultimate Phoenix'. It looks powerful and cool, doesn't it? It added a nice touch of sophistication to our bamboo tree. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful time during Tanabata! This was Tsumugi Tsukioka from Winter Troupe.

P.S. Tasuku taught me how to upload photos to the blog. I had no idea I could do that... Who knew there were so many functions? I'm going to do my best to master the system and post more photos next time.


Juza Hyodo

Available:07/10/21 - 07/11/21

Red Spider Lily (colored).png
I've noticed a lotta bakeries are sellin' pumpkin-flavored stuff lately. I didn't know why until Muku and Kumon said it's almost Halloween.

When I talked to Omi about it, he baked me a monster-shaped pumpkin cake. That's not what I was after, so I felt kinda bad, but ain't complainin'. I don't think there's anythin' Omi can't make. That cake was good. Last year, the whole company participated in some Halloween contest. We all wore costumes and did street acts in pairs. I was paired up with... Hisoka, I think. I remember eatin' candy with him.

I dunno if it's gonna happen again this year, but if it is, I definitely wanna take part.

Juza Hyodo, Autumn Troupe


Yuki Rurikawa

Available:07/21/21 - 07/22/21
Unlocked by:Unlocking all the chapters of A Tag-Team Halloween 2/Story

Lily (colored).png
This is Yuki Rurikawa from the Summer Troupe.

We participated in Halloween on Veludo again this year. All the participants' costumes and the street decorations were adorable, and I was honestly pretty excited just walking around.

Azami and I got paired up for the contest, but we narrowly missed out on getting first. It was a major disappointment, to be honest, but I still feel pretty accomplished, so I have no regrets. Besides, acting with Azami was fun.

I think it goes without saying, but I was obviously the one who made all of our Halloween costumes. Did you get a good look at all of them? Last year, everyone asked me to make what they wanted to wear, so this year, I got to make the costumes I wanted to make.

Everyone started practicing their costumes on once I finished making them all. During one of our practice breaks, I stepped into the lounge...

07-21-21 Yuki blog

...And found that it had turned into an interrogation room. I told them not to eat while in costume, but Chikage just clapped back that it was part of getting into character. He said it with such a smug face that I got kinda pissed off.

Anyway, I don't know if I'll be making Halloween costumes again next year, but there are still so many that I want to make. It might not be a bad idea to start brainstorming them now.


Banri Settsu

Available:07/25/21 - 07/26/21

Cosmos (colored).png
Banri Settsu, Autumn Troupe.

You kinda get a sense of when the seasons are changin' whether you decide to get either an iced or hot drink. I dunno where the people who read this thing live, but if it's hot, get yourself somethin' refreshing. And if it's chilly, try not to catch a cold, yeah?

Not too long ago, everyone from the Spring Troupe went to watch Masumi durin' his Sports Festival. I remember readin' about it here on the blog, and it was so damn hilarious. I graduated from the same school Masumi goes to, so I know their security is hella tight. Normally, it'd be unthinkable for anyone other than families to attend. Seriously, how the hell'd they get 'special permission' to go in?

They showed me a ton of pictures from the event, and it got me feelin' all nostalgic. I mean, it hasn't been that long since I graduated, but still.

It's not like I felt lonely or sentimental or whatever, but I guess thinkin' about how I might never get to step through those front gates again got me feelin' some kinda way.

It'd be a pain to make a big visit out of it, and there're some mugs there I'd rather not see, but if I ever got the chance, it could be nice to pop in for a quick hello.

Anyway, comin' to the end of my post, so here's an announcement. Our next performance's gonna be a school-themed play, featuring a mixed troupe cast. It might be a strange lineup of performers, but I bet it'll be a good one. Look forward to it.

See ya there. Later.

Citron's blorg part2


Available:07/29/21 - 07/30/21

Jasmine (colored).png
Chicken curry


dinner yesterday.

Chicken curry for dinner tonight..

Chicken curry for dinner

tomorrow ?

07-29-21 Citron blog

I stood in

place for Muku's homework.

Rest in peaces...


Summer Break

Omi Fushimi

Available:08/02/21 - 08/03/21

Carnation (colored).png
Hello, this is Omi Fushimi from the Autumn Troupe.

This hot weather just will not let up! Even though I'm not normally susceptible to the summer heat, I'm struggling this year, too.

Ice cream has become a popular commodity in the dorm, and despite constantly buying more whenever we go grocery shopping, it always disappears in an instant. Actually, maybe the others will appreciate popsicles and other icy treats more than ice cream in this heat.

It might be a good time to invest in a shaved ice machine... I'll have to talk it over with Sakyo, though.

All the students are on summer break right now, and that includes me. Some of us are heading home while others are planning to travel. It's kind of sad to think about how empty the dorm will be with everyone gone, since it's usually so boisterous.

That being said, I'll most likely be heading home myself. It's been a while, so I'd like to see my dad and brothers again.

Everyone, be careful of getting heatstroke! Make sure to stay hydrated and cool!


  1. This blog is supposed to be posted a few days before the One Day Princess! event which originally happens during White Day (March 14), but the English server didn’t follow the Japanese server for unknown reasons.
  2. Yakiniku (焼き肉 or 焼肉), meaning "grilled meat",Yakiniku is a Japanese term that refers to grilled meat cuisine