The following story is the backstage story to the card Chigasaki Itaru N 【Suit & Tie】

Sakuya Let's dig in!
Citron Yes, let's!
Izumi ...Huh? Where's Itaru?
Masumi Beats me. Haven't seen him all day.
Sakuya Now that you mention it, I haven't seen him either.
Tsuzuru He must be in his room then. He had the day off from work.
Izumi Wait, if that's the case, he didn't have breakfast or lunch either.
Sakuya He didn't?! That's not good...
Tsuzuru Could he be sick?
Izumi I'll go check in on him.
Citron Best of luck.
Izumi I hope he's not sick or something... Huh? Kamekichi?
Kamekichi 'Sup! What's cookin' Director? See that mug o' yers hasn't changed!
Izumi What's that supposed to mean... Anyway, what are you doing out here in front of Itaru's room?
...And is that an energy bar in your talons?
Kamekichi Sure is! It's for Itaru! Itaru!
Itaru Oh, Kamekichi. Thanks for bringing what I asked. Sweet. Now I can beat this.
...Wait, what? why are you here, Director?
Izumi Itaru! what have you been doing in here? You haven't eaten all day.
Itaru Um, gaming?
Izumi The entire day?!
Itaru Technically, I've been at it since last night.
Izumi That's even worse! Everyone has been worried about you.
Itaru Oh, my bad. I've just had my hands a little full. I was starting to run low on gas, so I had Kamekichi bring me a little somethin' to fuel me up.
Can't keep my friends waiting.
Izumi Friends?
Itaru My online friends.
Izumi You really do have a broad circle of acquaintances, huh- wait, that's not what I'm here for!
Stop forcing Kamekichi to run errands for you.
Itaru I'n not forcing him to do anything he doesn't want to. It's a win-win relationship. Thanks, Kamekichi. Here's your reward.
Kamekichi No problemo! Leave it to me, Kamekichi the Great!
Itaru That's my Kamekichi. You really live up to your title.
Izumi Is that bird food?
Itaru See? He's being fairly compensated.
Kamekichi Itaru gives me snacks! What a guy!
Izumi (Seriously, when did they get so chummy...)
Itaru I'll be done with this quest in about two hours, so I'll have some of your delicious curry then.
Izumi You better!
Itaru Don't worry, I will. Plus, your curry is delicious even when it's cold.
Izumi Huh?
Itaru Do I lie?
Izumi Flattery won't get you anywhere, mister!
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