Part 1
Izumi: Hmm, what to do?
Izumi: (I have 2 tickets for tomorrow's performance. I could go by myself I guess, but it'd be a waste of the second ticket I got.)
Izumi: I wonder if anyone would want to go with me.
Tsuzuru: Sigh...
Izumi: Oh, Tsuzuru! Something wrong? You look down.
Tsuzuru: Is it that obvious?
Izumi: Yeah, but I guess it's more the vibe I'm getting from you than your appearance? You almost seem like you aged a couple of years.
Tsuzuru: That's so mean!
Izumi: Sorry, sorry. I was just kidding. So? Is something on your mind?
Tsuzuru: To tell the truth, I've got massive writer's block... I can't come up with anything to write for the next script.
Izumi: Uh-oh. And the deadline will be here before we know it too.
Tsuzuru: No matter how hard I try, I can only come up with stories that I've heard about before or ideas that I can't develop more of a story for.
Izumi: That's the worst feeling.
Tsuzuru: Maybe I just need to study more...
Izumi: Study? Oh, I have just the thing! Here.
Tsuzuru: Is this... a ticket?
Izumi: I got it from a friend who works for this troupe. Want to come see it with me? It could give you some hints.
Tsuzuru: Are you sure?
Izumi: Yeah. I was just trying to come up with someone to invite.
Tsuzuru: Thank you! I'd love to go!
Izumi: Great. I'll see you there tomorrow then.
Tsuzuru: Okay!
Tsuzuru: Man, that was really good! You were totally right! I think I might have a few ideas now.
Izumi: Yeah, it was really good! The acting during the scene when all of the main characters reunited was top notch.
Tsuzuru: That was a great scene. And I liked the exchange between the lead's childhood friend and their rival.
Izumi: I know what you mean. But the writing and acting were on point!
Tsuzuru: Yeah! It made me realize how much of an impact the delivery of a line has on the way it's perceived. I have seen thee light.
Tsuzuru: Thank you so much for inviting me today! I learned a lot and I think it'll help me out of my slump. I had a lot of fun today!
Izumi: I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much. Think you'll be able to come up with something for the script now?
Tsuzuru: Yeah! I've got tons of ideas now. I bet I'll be able to pump out my next script in no time.
Izumi: Hahaha! I learned a lot from watching that performance, too. After we get home, you should get right to-
???: Waaaaaah!
Tsuzuru: Huh? Is that a little girl?
Little girl: Mommy! Where are you?
Tsuzuru: ...!
To be Continued...
Part 2
Little girl: Mommy!! Mommy!!
Izumi: She's all by herself. She must have gotten separated from her mom.
Tsuzuru: She must've. I'll try talking to her.
Little girl: Mommy...
Izumi: Are you okay? Did you lose your mom?
Little girl: Sniff... My mommy's not here.
Tsuzuru: I thought as much. Hmm, I guess we should take you to the nearest police box.
Little girl: I don't wanna! I want my mommy! Waaaah!
Tsuzuru: Okay, calm down, there's no need to cry. Upsy daisy!
Little girl: Ah!
Izumi: Wow, you're a champ at carrying kids, Tsuzuru.
Tsuzuru: Haha. That's because I never give in when my brothers fuss.
Tsuzuru: We'll help you find your mommy, so don't worry.
Little girl: ...Really?
Tsuzuru: Really. Now don't cry, dry your eyes.
Little girl: Sniff... Okay.
Tsuzuru: That's a good girl.
Izumi: What's your name?
Little girl: Mai...
Tsuzuru: Okay, May. Did you come here with your mommy to go shopping?
Little girl: Yeah. But I wanted to see the flower shop, and I let go of her hand...
Woman: Mai!
Little girl: Mommy!
Woman: How many times have I told you not to wander off by yourself?
Little girl: Waaah! I'm sorry, mommy!
Izumi: I'm so glad we found your mommy. Good thing she was just in that supermarket over there.
Tsuzuru: Looks like you're safe and sound with your mommy, Mai.
Woman: I'm so sorry about this. Thank you so much for taking care of her.
Izumi: No problem. I'm just glad we found you.
Tsuzuru: Make sure you never let go of your mom's hand again, okay?
Little girl: Hey, mommy! He's really, really nice! I'm gonna marry him when I grow up!
Tsuzuru: Huh?
Izumi: What?!
Woman: Mai, don't be silly! Sorry, don't mind her... It's time to say goodbye, okay?
Little girl: Noooo! I'm gonna marry him!
Izumi: (Dang. He stole Mai's heart in under five minutes.)
Woman: Don't be unreasonable, sweetie. You're bothering the nice young man now.
Little girl: Nooooo! I don't wanna!
Tsuzuru: Hmm... Mai, how about I marry you when you get a bit older. Just concentrate on getting bigger until then, okay?
Little girl: Really? You'll marry me?
Tsuzuru: That's right.
Little girl: Yay! It's a promise!
Woman: I'm so sorry about this.
Tsuzuru: I don't mind at all.
Woman: Now Mai, what do you say?
Little girl: Thank you! See you later!
Izumi: Wow Tsuzuru. I can't believe how great you are with kids. She immediately warmed up to you.
Tsuzuru: Nah, that was all on her. She's better behaved than my brother by far.
Izumi: You're really out there claiming these 4-year-old hearts, huh?
Tsuzuru: Leave me alone, will ya?
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