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The following is a transcript of the backstage story "A Gentle World" from the card Sakuma Sakuya R 【Romeo & Julius】. In it, Kazunari, Tsuzuru, and Izumi make some flyers to hang around Veludo Way, and Sakuya helps pass them out.

Part 1
Izumi: 18, 19, 20... That makes 20 then.
Tsuzuru: 20 here too.
Kazunari: I've got 30 on my end!
Kazunari: 'Sup, Saku-saku!
Sakuya: Hey there!
Sakuya: What's everybody doing?
Izumi: I decided we should put up some flyers at stores in the shopping arcade, so we're checking how many we have.
Sakuya: Ooh, can I help too?
Kazunari: You sure can!
Sakuya: The flyers look really cool this time.
Sakuya: You're a genius Kazunari!
Kazunari: For real? Aww, you're makin' me blush!
Tsuzuru: Miyoshi really does have an exceptionally good taste. When it comes to design, at least.
Kazunari: What's that supposed to mean, Tsuzuroon? I'm always on point in all steps of life!
Kazunari: Right, Izumi?
Izumi: Your...designs are out of this world!
Kazunari: You agree with him?!
Sakuya: Well, I think Kazunari's cool through and through! From his fashion down to the things he says!
Kazunari: You're too kind, Saku-saku!
Kazunari: And because of that, I'm gonna teach you the suave-ist technique of the Kazunari Miyoshi School of Picking-Up Cuties!
Tsuzuru: Don't. Sakuya's not the type.
- - -
Izumi: Okay, I'm all done counting! I'm gonna head out.
Sakuya: You're going to go pass them out now?
Sakuya: Then I'll join!
Izumi: You sure? I'd appreciate the help.
Kazunari: I'd like to go with you guys, but I've got stuff to do later.
Kazunari: Go get 'em guys!
Tsuzuru: I'm in charge of dinner tonight, so I can't go either. I'll have something delicious whipped up by the time you're back, though.
Sakuya: Yay! Can't wait.
Sakuya: We'll be back in a bit!
- - -
Sakuya: The clerk from the store I was just at was really impressed with our flyer!
Izumi: Right? He even said that he wants to come see our performance because of it. Better let Kazunari know.
Sakuya: All right!
Sakuya: Man, I'm so pumped up now!
Izumi: (I can tell. He's even more energetic than usual today.)
Sakuya: Now that we've got them up at the cafe and the bookstore, I think we should go to the hair salon and that soba restaurant over there next.
Izumi: Sounds good. Let's turn over here and...
Stray Cat: Mew.
Izumi: Hi there kitty. Are you a stray?
Sakuya: Oh, it's Mikke!
Izumi: Mikke?
Mikke: Meeeooow!
To be continued...
Part 2
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