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I finally did it...you're my first friend, S.

A Clockwork Heart is Spring Troupe's third play and was first released on July 19th on the Japanese server under the name The Clockwork Heartbeat. It was released on April 20th on the English server during the same-name event.

This time the spotlight was set on Tsuzuru Minagi, who played the leading role for the first time as Luke, the apprentice of an alchemist. Also for the first time, Citron played the second lead role as S, a homunculus.


In this era, the invention of the steam engine has changed people's lives drastically. In a country lies a small back alley workshop. Our story begins when, inside this workshop, a young man's eyes flutter awake...

Tsuzuru Minagi as Luke
An alchemist's apprentice.
Tsuzuru Minagi SSR To My Dearest Friend unbloomed icon.png
Tsuzuru Minagi N A Clockwork Heart unbloomed icon.png
Tsuzuru Minagi SR Blooming Trail unbloomed icon.png
Tsuzuru A Clockwork Heart chibi.png Tsuzuru A Clockwork Heart fullbody.png
Citron as S
A hounculus.
Citron SSR Longing From the Carriage Window unbloomed icon.png
Citron N A Clockwork Heart unbloomed icon.png
Citron SR Blooming Trail unbloomed icon.png
Citron A Clockwork Heart chibi.png Citron A Clockwork Heart fullbody.png
Sakuya Sakuma as Colt
Luke's apprentice
Sakuya Sakuma N A Clockwork Heart unbloomed icon.png
Sakuya Sakuma SR Tin-Plated Memories unbloomed icon.png
Sakuya A Clockwork Heart chibi.png Sakuya A Clockwork Heart fullbody.png
Itaru Chigasaki as Boyd
Luke's mentor
Itaru Chigasaki N A Clockwork Heart unbloomed icon.png
Itaru Chigasaki SR Charm of a Child at Heart unbloomed icon.png
Itaru A Clockwork Heart chibi.png Itaru A Clockwork Heart fullbody.png
Masumi Usui as Alf
A commanding officer.
Masumi Usui R A Clockwork Heart unbloomed icon.png
Masumi A Clockwork Heart chibi.png Masumi A Clockwork Heart fullbody.png
Guest actor as Security Guard
Member of the guard.