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Actor's Blog

Check out the latest blog entry from the Mankai Troupe members.
This time it’s Summer Troupe ROCKS! by Kazunari.
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About the Game
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A3! (エースリー) Act! Addict! Actors! is a Japanese mobile card collecting game,
developed and published by LIBER Entertainment.

Collect anime styled cards and meet a lot of different men, each with their own personality. See them interact with each others in cute mini games and plays. Your favourite actor will greet you everyday, he will even wish you happy birthday! You take the role as the director of Mankai Company to save the theater.

Meet the Troupes of Mankai Company
Spring Troupe
Summer Troupe
Autumn Troupe
Winter Troupe
Current Event and Tryouts

Blue Horizon Tryouts
Ends in:
Limited-time Cards
Omi Fushimi SSR Golden Hour by the Bay unbloomed icon
【Golden Hour by the Bay】
Azuma Yukishiro SR Charming Sailor unbloomed icon
【Charming Sailor】
Chikage Utsuki R Deck Hand's Escort unbloomed icon
【Deck Hand's Escort】

May Birthday Premium Tryouts
Ends in:
Limited-time Cards
Citron SSR Mankai Birthday unbloomed icon
【Mankai Birthday】


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Isuke Matsukawa
May 3
Arata Seto
May 6
May 15

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