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A3! Blooming WINTER EP
Blooming WINTER EP
Performed By: Track Listing:

  1. es no Yuutsu (Winter Troupe Second Play Theme)
  2. Shoutai (Winter Troupe Third Play Theme)
  3. Träumerei to Kuhaku (Hisoka Mikage Character Song)
  4. Kiteretsu Poemer (Homare Arisugawa Character Song)
  5. Gekkoujou no Aria (Azuma Yukishiro Character Song)
  6. es no Yuutsu (Instrumental)
  7. Shoutai (Instrumental)
  8. Träumerei to Kuhaku (Instrumental)
  9. Kiteretsu Poemer (Instrumental)
  10. Gekkoujou no Aria (Instrumental)


Description: A mini album EP featuring the Winter Troupe. The physical CD comes with an SR code redeemable for Hisoka Mikage, Homare Arisugawa, or Azuma Yukishiro, valid until September 20, 2018.

Release Date

November 1, 2017

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