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1st Anniversary- Spring & Summer Choice Tryouts banner.png

Event Duration

Start: 10/28/20 19:00 PDT
End: 11/5/20 18:59 PST

Important: This is a special Choice Tryout. Use Choice token.png Choice Tokens to select which Card you want. 1 Token is gained from doing a 10x pull with Diamond.png Premium Gems, also known as Paid Gems. You are limited to just one 10x pull. Tokens will expire after the Tryout ends, so use them as soon as you get them.

Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull with Premium Gems, you'll get a Choice Token to choose an Actor of your choice.

Sakuya Sakuma SR 【Blooming Trail】
Masumi Usui SR 【Blooming Trail】
Tsuzuru Minagi SR 【Blooming Trail】
Itaru Chigasaki SR 【Blooming Trail】
【Blooming Trail】 【Blooming Trail】 【Blooming Trail】 【Blooming Trail】

Citron SR 【Blooming Trail】
Tenma Sumeragi SR 【Blooming Trail】
Yuki Rurikawa SR 【Blooming Trail】
Muku Sakisaka SR 【Blooming Trail】
【Blooming Trail】 【Blooming Trail】 【Blooming Trail】 【Blooming Trail】

Misumi Ikaruga SR 【Blooming Trail】
Kazunari Miyoshi SR 【Blooming Trail】
【Blooming Trail】 【Blooming Trail】